Friday, 27 February 2015

3 Part Art Series Idea #3

So I did some thinking the past few nights. Since my theme is mental illness, my third idea which my art teacher Mrs. Rose helped me think of is to create name tags and try to get a bunch of students or teachers or people who are willing to be involved to make a small video. But the catch here is I would like to make t shirts using the stencils that Mrs. Rose has and on each shirt have a name tag with a mental disorder written on it. For example, "Hi, my name is depression". Each person will have a mental disorder on their shirt and have them walking towards a camera in black and white with their face covered and have everyone walk one after another and at the end of the group of people, have me standing there with the name tag saying "Human" because everyone single person with a mental disorder is still just a normal human being in this world. I talked with my grandma (my dads mom) and my dad explained to me that when he was little she was a very sick lady so all my life since I was 4, I never got to see her. Until recently my family and I made a trip to finally go and see her. My dad has not seen his own mom in over 10 years because he was afraid to bring us kids to go see her because of how sick she was. But she is on good medication now. My question to her was "Whats the first thing you think about when people find out you have a mental disorder"? her reply to me was "Well sweety, you know that we are all just human beings and I happen to have a mental issue but I dont want people to think im any different then them. Do not let others single you out if you have a problem. Its just a bump in the road of your life my darling". I thought I would add a picture of her when we finally wereable to see her. Last time I saw her was when I was 4. Im not 17 years old.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

3 Part Art Series (continuation)

 Theres a movie called Cyberbully starring Emily Osment. Even though this movie is about bullying, it still is very touching and sad for me to watch because my sister use to be bullied online just like this girl in the movie and after seeing this movie, I always thought to myself "I hope she never does this". But I posted the sad part of the movie because this is where I had the idea of the song ill be using for my video. I have been talking with my sister and my dad about mental illness. I've also been searching online and there is so much information its outrageous. I really know alot about mental illnesses because my grandma (my dads mom) suffered from bipolar disorder. My sister also suffers from a mental illness. I want to do something for my art to show how hard it is to deal with or what it looks like when an individual suffers from a mental disorder. That was for my first idea. My second idea for the 3 part art series would be to use a canvas and to create a picture or drawing of the human brain and too use different colours to show what each part of the brain represents.

For example, there's different parts in your brain that control your mood, sensations, vision and so on. What I am going to try and do is have a legend down below the picture of each colour and show what part of the brain control your mood. Since my theme for my series is Mental Illness, this has to deal with mental illness because it affects your brain and the way an individual functions. Im still thinking of ideas to do. Im not really sure if im going to do the second idea I have or not.. we will see.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

3 Part Art Series Project Idea #1

This song inspires me in so many ways. There are no words to describe how much this makes me feel when i just listen to her voice, and feel all the hurt that comes from the way her voice is being pronounced. I would like to do something that involves making a video that shows or explains how I lost my fun, loving, outgoing sister to mental illness and depression. (by saying I lost her, I don't mean that she died, I mean that she use to be an outgoing girl but now she stays inside all day, doesn't really talk and the depression and mental illness has taken over her life). I'm not very sure what I want to do from this point on, but I'm going to talk with my sister if she would help me out and think of ideas.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Juxtaposition Sketchbook Assignment

I had an extent amount of trouble trying to figure out something to design for the theme Juxtaposition. I'm not going to define what my personal meaning is behind this....yet! Id like to know from you "what would your meaning be when you look at this drawing?" 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Second Sketchbook Assignment

Now I understand I did not get the angles right in this sketch, but Mrs Rose showed me a way where I can see where i was off. I had no idea what to sketch for the second assignment so i decided to do my glasses. With the first image, that is where I got my idea to sketch my glasses and the shadow. But as I can see my angles are off. Not the best I could have done but that okay, better luck next time!

First Sketchbook Assignment (update)

This is my first sketchbook assignment updated. I made the entire shape around the hand shaded black so that when you see the picture from a distance it makes it stand out better. 

Exploring Films/Art 21

I chose this video because I was curious to see it because it was dated 2014. My initial reaction to this video was stunning. I use to only think that art was made up of drawings, painting, sketches, but this video proves to me that you can make art out of just about anything. People in this video make art out of very unique items such as sand, or random items being put together. In the video, a women said that "The good thing about an art piece is people are not sure if its art or not." I really like that quote.  I would like to know why this guy chooses the items that he chooses for his artwork. Id like to know how he comes up with a design and how he puts the pieces together. Here is the artist's own website.  An example to use that is relevant to this situation is, if i were to go around asking people "what is art"?, most people would say a painting, a drawing, or a sculpture. But there is way more to art then just those elements of design. I believe that this video shows amazing art work by people who believe that art is not just a painting. The type of person that I am, I wouldn't have came up with some of the ideas of art like the people in the video do. I'm more into the basic art techniques like sketching etc. The one thing i am interested in trying is this. I have a great idea and i will be experimenting soon.    

Thursday, 12 February 2015

First Sketchbook Assignment

I decided to sketch my hand for the first sketchbook drawing. The lighting that I use was when the light was shinning down from the top left corner (in case you don't know why I did the shading I did).

Monday, 9 February 2015

Elements of Design

The elements of design are used to give an artwork the detail it has. Some artists choose to use texture in all their artworks while others choose to have a different view throughout their work. I've learned a lot about the elements involved in an art piece. There is line, color, texture, shape, form, space and value.

Line: There are many different ways that a person can show lines throughout their artwork. For example there can be horizontal, vertical, zig sag, straight, curved and much more.

Color: Color in an artwork adds interest and sometimes you can tell a type of mood. For example, my auntie Amy use to draw, paint, create art pieces that were sad when you looked at them. The colors that people choose have a meaning behind them. If an artist choose dark colors its more depressing to look at then an artist who uses tons of color.The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. The secondary colors are created by mixing the primary colors. They are purple (violet), orange and green.

Texture: I love viewing artworks that show texture. When seeing an art work with a lot of texture it makes me think a little. Some artwork makes me wonder why did they choose to do that? Even though you can not actually feel the artwork, you can just imagine what the artwork would feel like if it were real. Texture is used to prove or show how something really feels.

Shape: There are many ways to show shape in an artwork. Shape is formed when two line meet each other together. You can have square, circle, triangle, octagon, hearts, and much much more.

Form: Form is to show a 3 dimensional object. This includes a pyramid, cube, cylinder, and sphere. These include height and depth of an object.

Space: Space is the element of art referred to the area around or within an artwork.Positive space refers to the part of the artwork that takes up space. Negative space is the area around that object. Space is shown how well much the artist took up with their art piece and also to show how much is left out.

Value: Value is used to show the lightness or darkness of tones in colors. White is the lightest value and black in the darkest. Artist can show value (hue) by pressing lightly on their colored pencil and gradually press harder to make it appear more darker looking.